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The 5 Best Restaurants In Amsterdam

When I travel, I probably spend the vast majority of my time eating. I love looking up local cuisines and hot spots before I get to my destination, and not much brings me more joy than stuffing my face with all sorts of delicious foods. (Okay I do this in every day life too but aaanyway…) While in Amsterdam over New Years with some of my best girl friends, we took this to another level. Amsterdam is the city of dreams, and the city of munchies (in all semblances of the word). Please excuse the hyperboles throughout the entirety of this post but I got home and couldn’t eat for a week so you can imagine how much I LOVED the food / the extent to which I ate.

Here’s my pick of the best places to eat in Amsterdam…

The best restaurants in Amsterdam by Alya Mooro in Amsterdam

Barney’s Uptown

I guuuesss you could say we spent the majority of our time here. One of the nicest coffee shops in Amsterdam in that it’s not actually a coffeeshop but a restaurant and bar you can smoke in, Barney’s is located slightly out of the hectic, tourist-heavy centre and offers up a varied food menu which will basically satisfy any craving. I pretty much lived on their hot chocolate (ridiculously good, and with a healthy dose of whipped cream!) and their nachos. We kept venturing out and returning time and again to Barney’s, and even spent our New Years Eve here so you know it really is good.


Haarlemmerstraat 105, 1013 EW Amsterdam

The Pancake Bakery

Ohhmygod was this good. I have a feeling I’m going to finish writing this post and book another flight to Amsterdam just so I can eat some more of these pancakes. The Dutch are famous for their pancakes, and for damn good flippin’ reason! Dutch pancakes, or pannenkoeken are much thinner than American pancakes and a bit thicker than a crepe. What really differentiate them is the fact that they’re HUGE! Oh, and the toppings.  The Pancake Bakery has been around since 1973 (!) and shows no sign of slowing down ever, with queues literally around the block. I had a traditional pancake with bacon and banana and maple syrup and… wow.


Prinsengracht 191, 1015 DS Amsterdam

Winkle 43

Another thing the Dutch are famous for is their apple pie and again, for really good reason, as evidenced by Winkle 43. A thick, almost crunchy crust casting over deliciously fresh chunks of apple, all crafted in a to-die-for deep-dish pastry; it really is the very best apple pie I ever have or probably will ever eat again. The restaurant will be super, super busy. Go anyway. We sat outside in the cold because it was the only table available and we didn’t even mind.


Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA Amsterdam


The first “baked potato shop” in Mainland Europe (according to their website), Jacketz serves up delicious baked potatoes with basically any and all toppings you could ever dream of. I’ve never particularly thought: “Oh, I really fancy a baked potato,” so when my friend suggested Jacketz I was a bit like “Ummm, okay?” But of a handful of people whom I blindly eat whatever they eat / recommend, she is one, so with gusto I placed my order and soothed my rumbling stomach until the pyramid of food arrived before me. And when I say pyramid I mean the sheer volume of food was ridic, but yes, as predicted, divine. Crispy potato skin seasoned in sea salt gave way to a perfectly cooked potato interior, piled high with anything from traditionally stewed beef (my pick) to green curry, chicken salad and more.

The best restaurants in Amsterdam by Alya Mooro in Amsterdam

Kinkerstraat 56, 1053 Amsterdam


Is it normal that I’m salivating like crazy right now? My apologies, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so emotional while writing a post before. I loveeee me some burger and Lombardo’s is potentially one of the best I’ve ever eaten. The tiniest of spots with literally 8 or so seats, the unavoidable wait is definitely worth it, plus the staff are super friendly. With a seeded bun, beef cooked to perfection and toppings including perfectly melted cheese, kimchi, eggs and pretty much whatever else, Lombardo’s takes pride of place amongst the best of the world’s gourmet burgers.


Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 50, 1017 DG Amsterdam 

Have you been to Amsterdam before? What are your favourite spots? Let me know in the comments below. 

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