Highlights Of The Month: August 2016

I spent the majority of August in my homeland of Egypt and I had the most incredible time switching off and spending time with friends and family and on Egypt’s incredible beaches. Most people don’t believe it when they see pictures of Egypt’s unreal blue sea and white, sandy beaches,thinking the photo was taken in the Caribbean or some other cliche’d paradise. Nope. It’s Egypt and I’m very proud to be representing…

FendiRumi Launch

Before heading over to Egypt I was invited down to Harrods for the launch of the FendiRumi pop up. The charms are literally some of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen, (this one is my absolute fave!) – although admittedly they don’t come with the most adorable of price tags. The FendiRumi’s launched at Fendi’s Milan show earlier this year, with two six-foot furry guests, Piro-Chan and Bug-Kun, paying tribute to Japan’s Kigurumi pop figures before causing quite a bit of a stir the world over. The launch saw influencers in abundance, including Natasha Oakley from A Bikini A Day and model Neelam Gill, but the stars of the show were obvi the FendiRumi who we all queued up not so patiently to take photos with.


I’ve probably mentioned this before but I am from Egypt. If I haven’t… I AM EGYPTIAN. Egyptian’s are known to be one of the most patriotic people and despite the fact that I’ve grown up in London for the majority of my life, I am no exception. Egypt is hands down one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to, which you may well have noticed if you’ve been following me on Instagram over the last few weeks. (Follow me on Instagram here.)

This summer I spent a couple of weeks in Egypt, flying directly to Hurghada from London, Gatwick on Easyjet! Although I’ve been to Egypt many, many times and used to live there, too, I’d actually never been to Hurghada before and I absolutely loved it! One of my highlights from Hurghada was Mahmya, a secluded – nothing short of paradise island – a short boat ride away. I then flew to Cairo and drove to the North Coast, where I have a summer house, to unwind on the equally as phenomenal beaches. Check out more pics on my Instagram and let me know if you’d like me to write a more detailed post on Egypt with some recommendations. It really is one of the most incredible countries in the world. Check out a shoot I did in Cairo here

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Notting Hill Carnival

Ahh but I wouldn’t have missed London’s Notting Hill Carnival for the world. If you don’t enjoy Notting Hill Carnival, there’s only one thing to it: you’re doing it wrong. Europe’s biggest street fest is essentially a two day celebration of all that – despite what may be differences – essentially makes us all the same. Walking around you’ll see hordes upon hordes of smiling faces, awestruck and dazed, and wholly integrated into an experience which essentially celebrates music, and, through that, life.

My homie Marina and I have had made it somewhat of a tradition to attend Carnival together each August, and this year was no exception. We were invited along to Crep Protect x adidas’ float which was a seriously sick experience and has kind of made us a little spoilt in that I’m not sure I ever want to do Carnival again if not on a float. Packed with some seriously dope people and the most infectious of awesome vibes it was a seriously wicked start to the day. We later disembarked and went for a wander, heading into both Converse and YoYo’s private parties before eventually succumbing gratefully to our beds, heads buzzing and heart’s satiated… until next year. Check out this awesome video of the day / float here, you may spot me mid-Snapchat action (lols!)

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May all your months be filled with highlights xxx

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