Highlights Of The Month: July 2017

Whaaat do you mean it’s already August!? You don’t understand how hard I try not to start each and every highlights of the month with an exclamation of how fast time is going but this month I couldn’t help myself because WHAT DO YOU MEAN it’s already August! Between a(nother) trip to Ibiza, this time for Stormzy’s #MerkyFestival, guesting on the BBC Asian Network and being featured in Harpers Bazaar Arabia, this month has positively flown by. Check out the best bits below…

BBC Asian Network With Preeya Kalidas

Last month I joined actor Jassa Ahluwalia and presenter Preeya Kalidas on her BBC Asian Network show to talk about what happens when you’re speaking about someone in a language you assume they don’t understand, only that it turns out they do! I was invited back onto the show this month with Joivan from Mandem On The Wall to discuss awkward hellos and goodbyes. Listen back here.

bbc asian

Featured In Harpers Bazaar Arabia

Potentially one of my biggest achievements thus far, last month I was interviewed by Harpers Bazaar Arabia for a spread in their July / August issue. I got my hands on some copies of the magazine this month and am still rubbing my eyes in disbelief.

Wireless Festival

I’m not really one for camping, so London’s Wireless Festival has always been a favourite for me. This year, Sorel footwear invited me down on the Friday, where I got to watch the likes of Bryson Tiller and Chance The Rapper take to the stage. I paired their Rain Wedge boots with a pair of black denim cut-offs and a khaki coloured crop top. I also went down to Wireless on the Saturday where Nas, The Weeknd and more took to the stage. It was a weird Wireless this year, only two stages as opposed to what typically feels like 100 but it’s also nice to bump into @@@ eeeeveryone you know while frolicking in the sun which this year, London allowed for.

bbc wireless

Ibiza For Stormzy’s #MerkyFestival

Last month I went to Ibiza with some of my family and one of my best friend’s (check out my guide to the best restaurants in Ibiza here). It felt like a completely different country when I descended on the island this month with some of my friends to attend Stormzy’s #MerkyFestival. I’ve long been a fan of the London rapper who is currently touring Australia and New Zealand and is basically set to become a global superstar (if he isn’t one already). We had such a great time watching the performances, which Stormzy curated himself. From Ray BLK to J Hus and, of course, Stormzy, we danced and sang along all day under the scorching Ibiza sun.

bbc merky

Getting Back Into The Gym

This month I also fiiiiinally got back into the gym. It’s about bloody time, I think! The gym is one of those things which when you’re in the swing of things is the best thing of all time and completely transforms your mind, body and life. When you’re not in the habit of going to the gym it feels like torture and the most difficult thing in the world to do. Thanks to a little kickstart from Ali Malik, a dope personal trainer who I’ve been training with for the last few weeks, I’ve managed to get back into the groove of things and I’ve been doing some classes around London, too, including trying out the newly launched Combat Skills class at Third Space in Soho and a barre class at XtendBarre in Marylebone. Highly recommend both!

bbc gym

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Things I Read:

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1) Daring To Drive – Manal Al-Sharif :

Written by the woman who sparked a (driving) revolution in Saudi Arabia, ‘Daring To Drive’ is a super inspiring read which provides ample insight into the culture of Saudi Arabia, in particular in regards to its treatment of women. The book follows Manal’s journey from extremist Muslim who used to burn her brothers music because it was “haram” to an accidental activist. Highly recommend the read!

2) Milk And Honey – Rupi Kaur :

I deal in words. They have the most beautiful ability to make you feel, see, accept and understand the most incredible things. In that respect, ‘Milk And Honey’ is one of the best books I’ve ever read in my life, and I’m not the only one to think so. It’s currently on its 16th reprint and has sold over half a million copies (!) A collection of poetry and prose about survival, it’s beautifully written and will speak to your soul.

May all your months be filled with highlights and lessons xxx 

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