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Red Turtlenecks & Knitted Frills

I’m having quite a love affair with bold colours at the moment. Some ten years or so ago, a ‘normal’ look for me would consist of head-to-toe colour, bright top matched perfectly with the bright trainers which adorned my feet every single day without fail. As I grew up a bit older, black, beige and

Egypt Series: On Twinning And Sequins

I love social media. (It stresses me out in equal measure) but I love social media for the connections it makes. Despite having grown up in London for the past 20 years, I’m originally from Egypt and supremely proud of that. The country / region is having its issues as of late, but patriotism runs
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Cold Shoulder, It’s About Time: What I Wore

I’m currently in Los Angeles doing some work from out here for the next few weeks and the weather is much, much better than London’s cold, miserable grey. I shot this look in London a few weeks ago and it’s one of my favourite casual looks of late. With its cold shoulder knit, red trousers,