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Why Does It Hurt To Be Unfollowed?

I spend the vast majority of my time on social media. Like most people these days, my offline relationships are almost instantly brought onto the internet; my online relationships often transcend into the real world, too. Perhaps that’s why when I see my follower count drop on any of the various social media accounts I

Instagram Story VS Snapchat & How To Ace Them

Ever since Instagram launched its new story function earlier this month, the social media world has been plunged into chaos. Prior to this act of dissonance (sorry Insta, I do love you but this was undoubtedly a super sneaky move – can anyone say uhh CLONE of Snapchat?), the paths were relatively clear cut. Perfection

Social Media And The New Slaves

I’m tired. If you follow me on my social media Snapchat, you might have seen I went on a little rant last night. I posted a picture of my lunch – crab linguine and crab pizza from my favourite restaurant Olivetos, since you’re asking – and a stranger sent me a snap at 11.30pm asking