Highlights Of The Month: November 2017

This month has been a weird one because I’ve basically been locked away with my laptop for the duration working on something SUPER FUCKING EXCITING that I literally just cannot wait to bring to life. In this day and age it’s so normal to just push things out on social media and onto the internet almost immediately and it’s been a real challenge to keep my mouth shut about what it is I’m working on but fingers crossed all will be announced sooooon! In the meantime, highlights of November (the bits I can talk about!) including attending the Chain of Hope charity gala below…

Being Published in Grazia

I used to intern at Grazia and have written tons for the website but it’s always been a goal of mine to be published in the *actual* magazine. I don’t know what it is but print just always feels so special. This month, I wrote about why I loved the #ForTheD trend that went viral on social media and did a shoot to accompany the piece in the magazine. “The truth is so rare a thing, it feels delightful to tell it.” Needless to say it was a bit scary to write, which just made me want to do it all the more and the response to the piece has been so brilliant. I shared it on the blog here, if you fancy a read.


Yxng Bane Show

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that rapper Yxng Bane’s ‘Rihanna‘ and ‘Bestie‘ have been stuck in my head and playing on loop for like ever. This month, I had the opportunity to go down to his first headline show in London and it was, for lack of a better word, a mooovie. London crowds are usually pretty hard to impress but Yxng Bane pretty much had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand with his undeniable stage presence; queue screaming girls and karaoke vibes for the entirety. The UK’s answer to Drake is set to be a star.

On the Panel at the Fika Sessions

It always feels a bit lonely working in creative industries, in particular because there isn’t all that much guidance and support and it often feels a bit like you against the world. There are an increasing number of initiatives that aim to combat this, including the Fika Session – a community platform for creatives to discuss and network – which is held at the super cool Axel Arigato store in London’s Soho. I was invited to speak on the panel alongside the incredible poet Lionheart, DJ Simbad and Elroy ‘Spoonface’ Powell at this month’s instalment, talking all things sustainability in the creative industries. It was a bit nerve-wracking speaking in front of a room full of people but I very much enjoyed it and picked up some awesome gems from my fellow panelists, too.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 18.20.22

Hashtag Lightie

My friend Sophia Leonie is an amazingly talented actress and writer who is currently starring in Hashtag Lightie, an incredibly thought-provoking and well-executed play currently showing at the Arcola Theatre. Chronicling the journey of a young mixed race girl who confusedly attempts to forge her identity online through her beauty focused YouTube channel, the play brings to light the issue of mixed race identity and shadeism, as well as the dangers of social media. All at once funny, sad and illuminating, it brings up interesting questions of identity and is an important watch for an increasingly porous generation.

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The Chain of Hope Charity Gala

The Chain of Hope is an incredible charity which holds an annual gala in London to raise money for children with heart disease in developing countries. This year, the gala – which saw a performance from Sean Paul and a catwalk show from Elie Saab (!) – raised a record-breaking £2.8 million which will go a long, long way to helping children all over the world. While I didn’t quiiiiite have the funds to bid in the auction, I very much enjoyed attending. I wore a Self-Portrait dress (below).

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Staying at the Hoxton, Paris

What is it they say: Paris is always a good idea? It is. I popped over for a couple of days this month and stayed at the super cute (and highly Instagrammable!) Hoxton Hotel. Check out my pick of the best restaurants in Paris here.


Estrella Galicia Campaign

Umm so this was cool! I collaborated on a campaign with Estrella Galicia, Omar Allibhoy of Tapas Revolution and Notion Magazine where we (okay he did all the hard work!) cooked up a delicious feast while sipping on some Estrella. Yup, super hard day’s work! Check out the video below and the recipe to the dish, a ridiculously yummy scallop and serrano ham gratin which had my name aaall over it, here.

Christmas Coming

Literally can’t believe Christmas is around the corner, this year has flown past! I haven’t had a Christmas tree in years but it adds such a lovely, cheerful, holiday spirit to a home that when Fantastic Services got in touch offering their services I literally jumped at the chance. They provide all sorts of useful services including cleaning, gardening aaand for Christmas, a tree delivery and installation service and pick up! Brilliant! It makes keeping up with day to day things so much easier while simultaneously running around like a maniac and being superwoman, as we’re all apt to try to be these days. I had such a good time decorating the tree with my family. Find out more about Fantastic Services here and – if you’re yet to sort your tree – check out their Christmas tree deliveries here. They’ve got everything from 4ft trees to 8ft trees and deliver in all areas in London within the M25.


Things I Wrote:

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I also featured in Refinery29’s #HotFuzz campaign talking about my relationship with my body hair. Check it out here.

alya hotfuzz

Things I Read:

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F*cked – Corrine Fisher and Krystna Hutchinson

The girls behind Guys We Fucked: The Anti-slut shaming podcast (if you haven’t heard of it / listened to it yet seriously check it out it’s sooo funny) recently released a book called F*cked and it’s equally as brilliant, if not even more so. Aiming to break taboos and normalise everything and anything to do with sex and relationships, its a serious must-read in a world that’s apt to make us all feel like freaks and weirdos and it does wonders at debunking some of the double standards that have been in place for what feels like forever.

Selfie: How We Become So Self-Obsessed and What It’s Doing To Us – Will Storr

One of the best books I’ve read! It kind of put the world to rights for me and made it all make sense, concluding with the strangely reassuring notion that we should embrace our own imperfections and not worry about unattainable utopias. Not least because everything is temporary! Placing our current selfie-obsessed world in the context of the “history of Western individualism”, Will Storr takes us on a stunningly researched and beautifully written journey from the beginning of our notions of self, touching on all sorts of different definitions of “ideal” along the way, from the Ancient Greeks kinda starting the whole “me myself and I” thing to the pushers of self-esteem in 20th century California and beyond. Imperative and super interesting reading. Also can we talk about how the cover is kind of a mirror!?

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