Highlights Of The Month: June 2017

June is always my favourite month because it’s my birthday. This year, I celebrated by spending the day at Soho House before dinner at new restaurant Foxlow with some of my favourite girlfriends. Theeen, because birthday’s should go on all month I think, I had a party the following week where we danced the whole night and it was super fun slash I potentially had a few too many tequila shots. Lots of other fun bits this month, too including being styled in Chloe for the July / August issue of Harpers Bazaar Arabia. Highlights of June below…

BBC Asian Network with Preeya Kalidas

I joined actor Jassa Ahluwalia and presenter Preeya Kalidas on her BBC Asian Network show this month to talk about some of the challenges of being bi-cultural. Our conversation centred around what happens when you’re speaking about someone in a language you assume they don’t understand, only that it turns out they do! We laughed a lot but it brought up some interesting things, especially when it’s the reverse that’s true and people are talking about you not thinking you understand. There’s still a teensy bit of time to listen back here.

Island Life 17 on Osea Island

I think this might have potentially been one of the best days of my life. My friend AJ Odudu, fitness blogger, presenter and DJ extraordinaire (slash is there anything she DOESN’T do!?) invited me to join her for an incredible 24 hours on private island Osea Island for Island Records’ ‘Island Life 17’. First things first, ummm I didn’t even know Essex / England could harvest such beauty. A private island off the coast of Essex, Osea Island is accessible by land at only two points in the day, other than that the pathway is swallowed up by the tide. So cool!

Upon arrival we were greeted by a twinkling pool, adorned with Accessorize floats – everything from smiley faces to palm trees and etc. We (obviously!) almost immediately proceeded to have a photoshoot in the pool, lol. England’s weather was cooperating and it literally felt like we were in the Hamptons. I’m not sure how to even begin to express the wonder of the rest of the day. Between free drink and food provided by the likes of my absolute fave burgers Patty & Bun to performances by up and coming artists the likes of Sigrid and Joe Fox, who performed against a backdrop of blue skies and blue seas, it pretty much felt like paradise. There was tennis, there was rounders – did I mention there was free food and drink!? – and it culminated with a supremely sweaty performance from Sean Paul. All in all it was absolutely incredible.

Ibiza, Spain

I spent an incredible week in Ibiza with some of my family and one of my best friends, Julie of Frenchionista. Before going to Ibiza for the first time a couple of years ago, I believed the stereotypes; that Ibiza was basically just full of wasted party-goers. Actually the reality of the situation is very far from that and the island has a ridiculous amount of incredible restaurants, gorgeous, peaceful beaches and etc. I’ll be doing a round up of some of the best places we eat and chilled in etc coming soon to

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Shooting for Harpers Bazaar Arabia

Potentially one of my biggest achievements thus far, I was interviewed by Harpers Bazaar Arabia for a spread in their recently released July / August issue. I featured alongside some dope fellow bi-cultural creatives in a piece which looked into the modern embodiment of the ‘Chloe’ woman (a hugeeee compliment in and of itself!). We were styled in Chloe and omggg am I excited to get my hands on a copy of the issue!

LikeToKnowIt. Summer Party

Last year, I made my blog and Instagram shoppable via RewardStyle and The invitation only monetisation tool for influencers launched in 2011, and since, has reportedly generated over $1 billion in sales for its retailers, as well as a pretty penny for some of its top influencers, too. Pretty nuts.

They recently launched yet another super innovative monetisation tool in that now you can shop using screenshots! Mind blowing. Within seconds the app sends a push notification, turning your screenshots into a catalogue of shoppable styles. They celebrated with a gorgeous party at The Serpentine Galleries in Hyde Park.

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My Birthday

Yeaaaaah. I love my birthday for numerous reasons, including that I use it as somewhat of new year, who dis situation? I had such a wonderful time celebrating with my friend’s and family this year. I got a bit deep and summed up ’28 things I know for sure’ in my latest blog post. Check it out here.


Covering for the Fashion Editor at The Debrief

I love The Debrief. They’re not filtered in the least, always say the truth and are run by a very cool bunch of girls, to just hit the top of the iceberg. I’ve been working with them ever since they first launched a few years ago (check out some of my pieces for them here) and this month it was a super nice change to join them in office for a few days while covering for the fashion and beauty ed on the site. Check out The Debrief here.

All Eyez On Me Screening and Q&A

One of the most legendary and iconic to ever do it, Tupac’s life and death has been a topic of interest and speculation for years. Little surprise then that the recently released film ‘All Eyez On Me’ has had a hell of a lot of buzz around it, and a little bit of criticism, too. After all, everyone’s got a version of Tupac in their heads, and it can be quite upsetting when that isn’t what’s matched on screen. That’s actually my biggest problem with watching movies that are inspired by books I’ve previously read, I really struggle every time.

I guess this is pretty blasphemous to say but I was never *that* big of a Tupac fan. Obviously I respected his artistry, loved his poems and thought he was snatched from the earth too soon, but I’m not a Stan by any means and perhaps that’s why I LOVED the movie and I had absolutely no qualms about it. In fact if anything, it made me far more of a Tupac fan than I had been previously. An incredible human and artist, the film – in my opinion – delicately deals with many heavy topics, all the while maintaining a timeline of events that would keep even the most flimsy hip hop fan interested.

I attended a screening of the film in collaboration with The Everyman Music Film Festival at Screen on the Green which was followed by a Q&A with the leads of the film. Highly recommend the watch!

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May all your months be filled with highlights and lessons xxx

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