Egypt Series: On Twinning And Sequins

I love social media. (It stresses me out in equal measure) but I love social media for the connections it makes. Despite having grown up in London for the past 20 years, I’m originally from Egypt and supremely proud of that. The country / region is having its issues as of late, but patriotism runs deep and I go back to Egypt numerous times a year. I also lived in Cairo for the first five years of my life, and for a year when I was 13, so I have strong ties and connections in the region. But, back to social media, for it allowed me to meet and collaborate with Egyptian photographer Aisha Al Shabrawy and the gorgeous model, Salma Abu Deif.


While in Cairo a few months ago, I had the opportunity to work with both on a super fun shoot we did in my house! I’m sure I’ve often waxed lyrical about my late grandmother’s incredible, impeccable taste in fashion, and I’m lucky enough to fit perfectly into basically every gorgeous item she left behind. Raiding the upstairs closet where we’ve lovingly stowed away much of her bounty, I unearthed some lovely bits that Salma and I styled for a matchy / matchy, spy / twinning series of sorts.


Among other bits, we unearthed some metallic, sequinned blazers which we wore with high waisted black trousers and black bralets. You know what I find so crazy? How trends come back around and around again, and also the myriad of ways in which each individual person would style the same item of clothing in different ways. Let’s just put it this way: for sure my grandmother did not wear her blazers in this way. But that’s the seriously incredible thing about fashion, how something is worn really all comes down to personal style.

Everyone from Kim Kardashian and North West (how seriously adorbs is this!?) to Karlie Kloss and more  have been rocking sequins as of late, and I love the look; sequins adding a bit of glam whether styled up or down. Vogue did a pretty good round up of sequinned day time looks if you’re finding the idea of that a bit hard to fathom.

Shop my pick of the best sequinned bits below…

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Photography: Aisha Al Shabrawy

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