Highlights Of The Month: June 2016

Sooo June is my birthday month! It’s weird because usually I make a huge deal out of my birthday and start planning it from like… January, but this year I didn’t really care which actually, surprise surprise, made it even better. I spent the day with my family before having an all girls dinner consisting of purely my BFFs at cocktail bar / diner Dirty Bones. I genuinely couldn’t have asked for more.

This month, I also attended quite a few awesome events including the Glamour Awards where I even got to meet aka salivate in person over David Gandy. I also joined some awesome women in shooting a super cool fashion film for Gstar. Check out the highlights of the month below along with some of my fave bits I’ve enjoyed writing / reading.

1. Tatler Kings and Queens party

I love dressing up and I wish there were more opportunities in which to do so! I was super excited therefore when presented with the chance to get dressed up and attend Tatler’s Kings and Queens party as a guest of Cointreau. It was so fun to see how everyone interpreted the theme: from drag queens, Elsa from ‘Frozen’ and even Madonna, people really went all out. I got my hair created into a crown by the very awesome Shablet from The Hive Club.

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2. Joining Joss on Hoxton Radio

I joined the homie Joss on her Hoxton Radio show The Joss ISM Show to talk journalism, the impact social media has on our lives and my old obsession with Lil Wayne. Listen back to the show here.

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3. The Glamour Awards

Ah, there are truly no words for The Glamour Awards. Last year Cointreau, who are an official sponsor of the awards, invited me to attend as their guest and it fast became one of the highlights of my year. I guess I must have done something right because this year they invited me back and it was just as amazing if not even better. Between the gorgeous, gorgeous outfits all the A-listers were wearing, the fact that the whole room was bursting with incredible, accomplished women and men, the food (obvi I had to mention that) and the whole atmosphere of gratitude and inspiration and the sense that anything is possible, it was truly an amazing evening. Oh, and I got to meet David Gandy (below) which umm… well, enough said really.

4. Field Day Festival With Converse

I love going festivals, especially when they’re in London and don’t involve me camping in the mud! Converse invited me along to Field Day where the likes of Skepta, James Blake and Kelela took to the stage. Despite the incessant rain, I had a great time. Check out The Guardian’s review of Field Day here.

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5. Being Published On The Washington Post

Ummm so this happened! This was one of the most personal pieces I’ve written to date. As such it was automatically the scariest thing to write / have published, too. As much as sometimes it can feel super daunting to put yourself out there, the response every time, and the amount of people who say ‘Me too!’ when you think it’s just you makes it worth it. Read my debut for the Washington Post’s ‘Solo-ish’ here.

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6. Ascot With Longines

Longines invited me down to the Royal Ascot to place some bets (none of which I won – sob!), drink some champagne and have an utterly fab day at the races! I wore a super cool hat by milliner Olivia Roat. I got to see Kate Middleton and Prince William make their Royal Ascot debut, too, which was pretty cool! 

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7. Red Bull Culture Clash

Having upgraded in size due to sheer demand from Earls’ Court to London’s O2, this year’s Culture Clash was a moment. With teams consisting of Wiley with his Eskimo Dance team, Dre Skull’s Mixpak label with Popcaan and Spice; Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, and a crew of U.K. garage all-stars (including So Solid Crew) pulling out all sorts of dubs and surprises, and a live voting audience consisting of us aka a rowdy, excitable thousand strong crowd: it was, in a word, awesome. Highlight was potentially Popcaan’s dub of Drake. Yup, that pretty much won it for them. Check out Fader’s guide to the 13 most important things that happened at Red Bull Culture Clash. 

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8. My Birthday Dinner

Sometimes all you need in life are burgers and besties. I got to have both at the same damn time, along with some delish (and very strong! ha) cocktails at Dirty Bones in Kensington to celebrate my birthday. 

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9. Ibiza For Disturbing Ibiza

Aaaand then I popped over to Ibiza the next day with two of my best friends, Nefera and Julie of Frenchionista, because I’m not really about that one day birthday life and I figured this would kinda extend it a bit. Disturbing London, Tinie Tempah‘s label were throwing a party in Ibiza and our friend Troyboi (who is an amazing producer / DJ check him out!) was on the line-up. My friend Nefera features on a couple of his songs so it was all just too perfect not to go. We had an awesome time and got to top up our tans! London is really failing on the summer front this year. 

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10. Shooting For GStar

I’m a big believer in the saying “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” and I especially love it when women support each other so I was all for the message behind GStar’s latest fashion film directed by the very awesome Sophie Jones. All the women (it feels weird to say women but girls always feels weird…?) featured in the film are doing some seriously awesome things so it was a privilege to be featured alongside them and I’m super looking forward to seeing the result!

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May all your months be filled with highlights xxx 

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