Gstar’s The Society: You Can Sit With Us

Gstar make the coolest jeans. Case in point their latest: the hands-free 5620 Elwood denim pouch pant which is seriously epic because it essentially means you don’t need to lug around any kind of bag at all.

They recently asked me to take part in a campaign for the new style, shot by Sophie Jones. The Snobette premiered the video, writing: “Using an all female ensemble, G-Star RAW has tapped an influential group of U.K. musicians, DJs, models, bloggers and journalists for a film titled “The Society” that breathes life into the label’s latest collection.

“Shot and directed by Sophie Jones and styled by Ayishat Akanbi and Neesha Sharma, the film showcases a group  of women converging from different locations to meet at a top secret location. Joining forces to complete a mission, the film upends the negative stereotype of the insular female clique, replacing it with a #youcansitwithus mindset.”

I’m a big believer in the saying “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” I really think there’s nothing better than achieving things with your peers in tandem. It will also be a whole less lonely at the top that way, too! So I loved the ethos behind the video, namely, girls can be seriously badass when they put their heads together, ha!

I’m seriously obsessed with this song, too! It’s a single called ‘Don’t Do It’ by Gabi’el, who was also in the video. All the ladies were seriously awesome and it was so much fun to shoot!

Check out all the girls here:

Fabienne: DJ/Stylist // Gabi’el: Singer // Yinka: DJ // Jyoty Singh: DJ // Mercedes Benson: Blogger // Jade Avia: DJ // Delilah: Singer // Coral Kwayie: Model // Lola Coca: Singer/Rapper // Amira McCarthy: Singer/Model


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