Highlights Of The Month: September 2016

I spent September as Acting Deputy Editor on Closer Online. It was a super scary experience being boss to people other than myself, but I’m a big believer in growth and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and I learnt an incredible amount in the process. I also went to watch the incredible Harry Potter and the cursed child in the theatre (!) Read on for the highlights of September…

 1. Acting Deputy Editor at Closer Online

So… this was pretty nuts! Late last summer I was approached by the peeps at Bauer and asked to step in as Deputy Editor at Closer Online for a month while they looked for someone to fill the role permanently. I’m not gonna lie, the idea was pretty daunting, to say the least. Made all the more so by the fact that there wasn’t actually an Editor, either, leaving me somewhat wholly responsible. What, little old me, look after an entire – hugely popular – website, AND all the people who were working on it? WHAT.

But I’m all about the challenge, and I’m a big believer in the saying: “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” Which is why I tried my very, very best, and learnt a whole lot on the way. I’m working on a piece on the things I’ve learnt while on the flip side of the inbox…


2. Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

Approximately 12 months ago, one of my best friends and I joined the ridiculously long digital queue to get our hands on tickets for Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. Announced last year, the eighth chapter of the incredible Harry Potter saga was revealed to be a play! Oh JK Rowling, you are a genius. Following the story of Harry and his son Albus Severus Potter – named after Dumbledore and Professor Snape, obvi, the play takes shape in two parts and is hands down one of the most magical and incredible things I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ll be publishing my review on alyamooro.com soon. And yes, I WILL be keeping the secret. For now, just know it’s getting *seriously* rave reviews


3. Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume Launch

As avid Sex & The City fans, it was with huge excitement that one of my best friends, Roxanne, and I attended the London launch of Sarah Jessica Parker’s new perfume. Named ‘Stash’ –  a sexy, musky perfume designed for both men and women, the pursuit is one close to her heart. SJP, better known, perhaps, to the entirety of the world as Carrie Bradshaw, told Vogue: “I wear fragrance all. Day. Long… It’s probably the area in which I’m most egregious in my total decadence. I don’t limit myself.” Read the interview here. It was such a pleasure meeting her, she was truly lovely.


4. Sound Bath

It’s kinda crazy that the things that bring us most peace, the things that truly center us in ourselves, are the things we struggle to make time for. Well, that’s certainly my case, anyway. In desperate need of centering, and having been put on to these incredible sound baths by my friend Lana Al Mulla of A Table For One, I decided to give this one a go, and I was seriously impressed. Indeed, sound baths have become all the rage in recent years, with experts advocating the benefits for people seeking relief from stress, anxiety, and other ailments modern living bestows on us. Read more here.

Whether or not this is something you particularly believe in, there’s definitely something to be said for allowing yourself to just chill out for an hour or so minus any distractions. Definitely not something we do enough, if you ask me! 


5. Felder Felder Presentation Dinner

I’ve long been a fan of the Felder Felder sisters and their awesome rock chick aesthetic. For their 10th year anniversary this year they decided to do something slightly different than the usual fashion show, opting instead for an intimate dinner and presentation at the Blake’s Hotel in which they featured upcycled and sustainable fabrics.  This year, they also teamed up with BMW to create the collection’s hero piece; the “Carbon Dress”, a fringe-detailed metallic skater dress created using the same carbon fibre found in the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Check out the collection here.

Check out my write up of their collection last season here. I also shot one of their gorgeous flamingo print cut out dresses while in Paris earlier this year. Check out the shots here.


6. Sitting FROW at Preen

Preen is another brand I’ve been a fan of for a while. My relationship with the brand has been burgeoning ever since the ‘rock and rebellious’ little sister of Preen by Thornton Bregazzi – Preen Line – asked me to style some looks and answer some questions for a Preen Line Diaries feature they were doing on their site. Check it out here. Last February, I had my first experience of sitting on the much sought after FROW when Preen sent me some gorgeous bits to wear and invited me down. Check out my write up of the show here.  This season, I was over the moon to be invited down once again alongside Preen girls Zara Martin and co.

For SS17, Preen designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi, renowned for their love of whimsical florals and ethereal frocks worked in elements of pagan rituals and witchcraft for a gorgeous show that made me instantly want every single item in my wardrobe. From the pink and the ruffles to the metallic looks, it was seriously stunning. Check it out here.


7. Talking accessories with The Debrief and Lola & Grace

My good friends over at The Debrief asked me to take part in a Facebook Live along with a bunch of other fashion-inclined creatives, for jewellery brand Lola & Grace. Talking accessories and accessorising, the chat was super fun, and ended up birthing some jewellery styling tips, complete with cute gifs. Check it out on The Debrief here.


8. Alicia Keys at the Apple Music Festival

Apple Music always positively kill it with their offerings. A couple of years ago I attended one of the nights at the Roundhouse to watch the incredible Mary J Blige do her thing. This year, I was super excited to be invited along to watch THE Alicia Keys take to the stage and she did not disappoint. Belting out hits the likes of “If I Ain’t Got You”, “Girl On Fire” and “No One”, the singer, who has recently made headlines for her seriously admirable decision to basically just not wear make-up, absolutely smashed it. She also brought on British electronic music singer-songwriter Sampha for an incredible rendition of “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)”.  Watch Alicia perform “She Don’t Really Care,” a new song off her upcoming sixth album here.

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9. Styling Amina K’s AW16 Look Book in Egypt

In the thread of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, while in Egypt last month – I popped over for my best friend’s engagement (!) and I found some work to do for myself, lols. I’ve had a long-standing relationship with Egyptian designer Amina K, taking to the streets of Cairo a few months ago for one of my absolute favourite shoots to date. Check it out here and read about my experience shooting for my blog in an Arab country on Refinery29 here.

While in Egypt on this occasion, Amina asked me to help her style the looks for her upcoming AW16 look book. I’ve never really done anything like that before, other, I guess, than getting dressed every morning and styling looks for my own shoots, so it was a really interesting experience and a lot of fun to see just how much London’s quirky sense of style has influenced me. I’ll share the looks when they’re out, soon. I also got in front of the camera, too, rocking some of the new collection. Coming soon also!

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10. Checking Out The Wonders Of Egypt

It’s sadly one of those things, isn’t it? When you’re from somewhere you’re just way less likely to do any of the tourist-y things. Londoners, for example, how many times have you been to see the Big Ben? Exactly. I had a bunch of friends join me in Cairo this time, to attend our friend’s engagement party, so it was ample opportunity to take them to check out one of the wonders of the world: Egypt’s incredible Giza Pyramids. It was seriously humbling and awe-inspiring in one to marvel at the incredible creations of my ancestors. What a world.



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May all your months be filled with highlights xxx 

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