The Greater Freedom: Life as a Middle Eastern Woman Outside the Stereotypes

The Greater Freedom is out now, worldwide in paperback, e-book & audiobook.

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The greater freedom is to be who you actually are; to be able to live your life in the way you deem best, free from any sort of restriction to do that, or fear of repercussions for doing so.’ - Alya Mooro

Have you ever felt judged by an ‘invisible jury’? Or felt the weight of societal and cultural ideals that whisper (sometimes shout) in your ear telling you who you should be, and what you should want? And what if you have two sometimes contradictory invisible juries? How do you navigate life then?

Egyptian-born and London-raised, journalist Alya Mooro grew up between two cultures and felt a pull from both. Merging her unique experience, countless interviews and meticulous research, Mooro gives voice to the Middle Eastern women who, like her, don’t fit the mould. Women under pressure to conform to society’s ideals of how a woman should look and behave, what she should want and be. Women who want to think and act and love freely, without feeling that every choice means ‘picking a side’. Women who are two things at once and, consequently, neither.

Part memoir, part social exploration, The Greater Freedom is about finding our place in the world and the expectations we need to unpick in order to feel free to make our own decisions for how we want to live our lives.

“What a book! The Greater Freedom has blown my mind with all the ways a Middle Eastern woman living outside of the stereotypes survives and thrives, and the research is impeccable too. What a gift to the world!” —Laura Jane Williams, bestselling author of Becoming and Our Stop

The Greater Freedom is what all good books should be: engaging, educational and an escape into a world outside of your own, that you should know far more about. Mooro speaks truth to power and debunks stereotypes with wit, style and sass.” —Yomi Adegoke, bestselling author of Slay in Your Lane

“Well-written and properly researched…Alya Mooro’s voice is true and strong, delivering a book that has great value for anyone interested in the politics of gender, and how we navigate eternal expectations from family and society. This personal and heartfelt narrative asks what it truly means to be free.” —Amal Awad, author of Beyond Veiled Clichés