The 7 Best Restaurants In Ibiza

I don’t know about you guys but prior to my trip(s) to Ibiza, when I used to think of the Spanish isle all that passed through my mind was re-runs of ‘Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents’ (if you don’t know what I’m talking about Google that ish nowww) and images of people passed out in pools of their own vomit.

Now, while those stereotypes are certainly rooted in truth, there’s a whole other seriously underrated side to the island which boasts some of the most incredible energy, beautiful views, gorgeous beaches and insanely delicious restaurants. So much so, actually, that I didn’t even catch a glimpse of any of the former. Check out my pick of some of the best restaurants in Ibiza below…

La Paloma

Tucked away in an adorable outside garden, low wooden tables and hanging lights hold host to raucous laughter and delicious meals, lovingly prepared. The Mediterranean delicacies are all ‘homemade’ (although what that means in conjunction to a restaurant I don’t really understand. What are the alternatives? Is restaurant food usually bought in a store?) Anyway, I digress. The food was delicious and the layout felt like an enchanted garden I wanted to stay in forever. There’s also a super cute boutique which stocks gorgeous kaftans and Ibiza inspired trinkets (although fair warning: their price tag is not ‘trinket’ like.)


Es Torrent

Tucked away in a corner of the island, Es Torrent specialises in sea food, serving up the most insane offerings with a backdrop of twinkling blue. Surrounded by beautiful cliffs Es torrent is situated on a quiet beach made up of sun beds and thatch umbrellas; perfect for a chilled day of tanning and a delicious lunch.

ibiza 3

The Giri Cafe

You wouldn’t think it from the front but woahhh for the back of The Giri Cafe. Nestled within the walls of a 300 year old townhouse, the back of the restaurant opens up onto a dreamy, sun-drenched garden that is so big there are literally sheep wondering around at the end of it. The service was pretty disappointing and it’s not like… the *best* food of all time (especially because waiting for an hour for your mains should mean the food is essentially heaven-sent) but the garden is well worth a drink or five in.

ibiza 4

Macao Cafe

Apologies for the sheer extent of hyperboles but I very much mean it when I say this is pretty much the best spaghetti I’ve ever had in my whole life. Like, I actually shook my head for the entirety of the time I was eating because I just COULD.NOT believe that it was so bloody brilliant and that I something like this actually existed. Go. Order pasta, order something else if you really must but GO.


Sa Capella

Often hailed as the ideal location for “extra special occasions”, Sa Capella is one of the most charming and magical places I’ve ever been. A 400-year old monastery chapel that has been converted into a restaurant, remnants of its days as a house of God still remain in its low, pocketed ceilings, arches and chandeliers. The food and service was also absolutely divine, staff going above and beyond to make the evening extra special. I celebrated my birthday there a couple of years ago and they even gifted me a bouquet of flowers which was super sweet.

Sa Capella

Juan Y Andrea

Located off the shore of an insanely beautiful beach in Formentera (a 30-minute or so boat ride from Ibiza and DEFINITELY worth the trip, even if only to gaze in wonder at the incredible blue hues of the sea), this restaurant serves up delicious Spanish delicacies including some of the best paella. Complete with pick your own lobster, the white on white of the sand and the restaurant makes this a dream.


Es Boldado

Because if you’re by a beach, stuff your face with as much fish as you possibly can, right? One of the best places to do this in Ibiza is Es Boldado, which boasts some of the best seafood as well as some seriously magnificent views overlooking the sea and Es Vedra rock. They’ve also got a pretty interesting and awesome Café Caleta (cognac, cinnamon, lemon and coffee in a pot).  I’d highly recommend pretty much everything – and that you go for lunch – to take advantage of the scenery, obvs.


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