The Best Restaurants In Los Angeles

It’s taking everything I have not to weep into my laptop keys while putting together this guide to Los Angeles. Having spent an incredible two months there (and even going so far as to book an appointment with a Visa rep before my departure back to London in attempts of staying forever – jk not jk), I feel pretty well versed in all that is la la land. Read on for the best restaurants I sank my teeth into…

Best Brunch

Griddle Cafe: Excessive in the best sense of the word. For huge portions of pancakes, waffles and etc, The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Boulevard is the one. I couldn’t resist ordering the ‘Devil’s Daydream’: chocolate bread loaded with bittersweet chocolate chips and whipped cream. Small tip: order one for two! It’s ridiculously rich and insanely delicious.

Estrella: I spent many a day typing away on my laptop in Estrella’s gorgeous outdoor garden. With everything from the healthier smoothie bowls to eggs and beyond, this all day eatery turns into a bar and as such gives you ample reason to stay forevs. One of my fave dishes there is ‘The Rolling Stone’: bacon wrapped in avocado with a baked egg. Yum.

Taste On Melrose: I love how brunch is such a ‘thing’ in Los Angeles. Brunching with friends while in LA I noticed ‘Taste’ came up as a top option again and again, and with good reason. With some delicious cocktails (imperative for an LA brunch I’ve found!), an extensive brunch menu and good vibes, it’s a fail-safe option, for sure.

Best Healthy Spots

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True Food Kitchen: I’m not really the kind of person who gets misled by the ‘healthy’ label. In fact, if anything, that’s more likely to put me off than entice me and I place far more emphasis on taste and how yummy something is than how many calories etc it has. Santa Monica’s True Food Kitchen was in that sense, a fantastic discovery because it totally smashed both categories, and promised to serve only seasonal, sustainable and regional ingredients. We ordered a whole bunch of things from the menu, my favourites of which included the charred cauliflower, the pizzas and the poke bowl although TBH everything looked amazing.

Urth Cafe: An LA favourite, my current obsession with matcha is thanks to Urth who offer a seriously delicious one. This is probably the best / most known / quickest spot for a healthy yet super tasty brunch. There are a few around the city but my favourite one is located in the Arts District. The juices are a must-have (as is the aforementioned Matcha :))

Cafe Gratitude: Admittedly I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes on numerous occasions throughout my dining experience. Cafe Gratitude is “very LA” in terms of it is allll the guffaw-worthy stereotypes of LA; case in point the items on the menu named things like ‘awesome’. To order you would for example say ‘I am Awesome’ to which your server would note that down and repeat: “You are awesome.” Yeah. You get the idea. 100% organic and plant-based, it’s worth a visit.

Casual Dining

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Chi Spacca: Award-winning meat restaurant Chi Spacca appears to be a well-kept secret. It’s not cheap but OHMY is it worth it. It’s small so I’d recommend booking ahead. The focaccia di recco is a carb-lover’s dream come true. And the steaks? The epitome of beef.

Little Dom’s: I love my foodie friends. One of my favourite fellow gorgers, my friend Hailey who I used to live with in London what feels like forever ago recently moved to Los Angeles and quickly made it her business to know the very best restaurants in the city. Little Dom’s is hands down one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve ever been to in my life so she did damn well on her search. Go. Order any pizza, any pasta and thank me later.

Wolfdown: Another of Hailey’s discoveries, Wolfdown has a super cute outdoor setting and a menu that begs you to order everything off it. The dumplings, the coconut black rice and the korean fried chicken would be my recommendations.

Best Burgers

Umami: AKA where mouthgasms are common place! Hands down the best burger I have EVER eaten! My favourite burger on the menu is the truffle burger and you can’t miss out on the truffle fries. My first stop in Los Angeles, every single time.

In & Out: This place probably doesn’t need introducing anymore… I can never say no to their grilled oignons!

Eggslut: If you love eggs anywhere near as much as this restaurant’s name, then this place is for you. The Slut, a coddled egg on top of potato puree poached in a glass jar served with a baguette is as addictive as it sounds!

Best For Your Sweet Tooth

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM: An ATM that dispenses cupcakes 24/7? Be still my beating heart. It’s the world’s first and I’m anticipating putting together a petition to bring it to London or… you know, in my bedroom. But it’s not just the ATM that’s exciting; the cupcakes themselves are melt in your mouth delicious. Red velvet for the win.

Pinkberry: With a sweet tooth as well honed as mine, it’s difficult sometimes not turning into a rolly polly of a human being, so I love places like Pinkberry where you can get your craving satisfied guilt free. Plus they’re open till super late with many serving up fro-yo till 2am! My favourite was the Hazelnut flavour which tastes deceptively like Nutella

Creamistry: With a menu bursting with ice-cream flavours formed right before your very eyes, Creamistry is perfect for the hot summer / any and all days in LA. All organic and made with the very best of ingredients, it is, as the name would suggest, insanely creamy. And they put on a pretty epic show getting it ready for you, too.

What are your favourite spots in LA? Let me know in the comments below! xx

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