Goldie Rox Mermaid Jewels And Being An Authentic Brand Ambassador

I’ve been so excitedly sharing these images from my new role as brand ambassador for Goldie Rox and her gorgeous Mermaid’s Lunchbox collection on my Instagram for the past few weeks that I guess you could say I kinda forgot to share on alyamooro.com, too. Which is strange. But I guess stranger things do happen (like Donald Trump becoming President of the United States this morning.) And, indeed, Roxanne and I meeting in the first place…

It’s one of my favourite stories to tell, actually. How a love for burgers and bling brought me and one of my best friend’s together, and on Instagram, no less! Fast forward three years and I count Rox as one of my very best friends; we’ve been on countless holidays together and she’s even asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding next year! Read our feature in Time Out Magazine here and check out my interview with Rox (a few years old, now) here.

Authenticity is the catch phrase of 2016. Indeed, as The New York Times put it: ‘We are in the Age of Authenticity, where “be yourself” is the defining advice in life, love and career. Authenticity means erasing the gap between what you firmly believe inside and what you reveal to the outside world.’

Alya Mooro in Goldie Rox The Mermaid's Lunchbox

Alya Mooro in Goldie Rox The Mermaid's Lunchbox

And while they went on to deem it ‘terrible advice… unless you’re Oprah’ (weeeell… now that you mention it, not the worst role model to have IMO), being authentic is always the best way to be. Unless, of course, your authentic self is a horrible person in which case, maybe try hold that down a little.

Jokes aside, authenticity, in a world where anyone and everyone can do anything and everything, and in a world where it’s so easy to just pretend to be hashtag blessed, is really important. In particular when it comes to brands, be that a clothing brand, a personal brand or… well, anything else for that matter. This is all the more so in the wake of research that has found that millennials don’t trust advertisements (or brands, really), all that much anymore (if at all).

Alya Mooro in Goldie Rox The Mermaid's Lunchbox

Alya Mooro in Goldie Rox The Mermaid's Lunchbox

All this is a convoluted way of saying that minus the hashtagging (not literally, I luh me some hashtags), authenticity is something Rox and I both very much pride ourselves on. And so it made total sense, and is such an honour, to be repping Goldie Rox as brand ambassador. Indeed, I love her creations so much it forged a steadfast friendship and I’ve been rocking her pieces, unbidden, for years. Surely it doesn’t get much more authentic than that.

We took to the very awesome photographer Hanna Hillier – who has shot the likes of Jessica Alba, Immy Waterhouse and more – East London studio to shoot some of Rox’s new collection – check out her website and the gorgeous, gorgeous pieces here.

Alya Mooro in Goldie Rox The Mermaid's Lunchbox

Alya Mooro in Goldie Rox The Mermaid's Lunchbox

Following on from her debut collection (the aforementioned gold burger wonders of the world,) Roxanne launched The Mermaid’s Lunchbox. Inspired by her fascination with the mermaid, and – as ever – food, namely in regards to what it is a mermaid might eat, Rox selected some of their favourite imagined delicacies; roe, crab and prawn, and cast them into gold and silver chokers, necklaces, earrings, rings and more. It’s tough to pick but I think my favourite of all the pieces is probably the clam choker. So gorgeous and instantly elevates any outfit.

Ahead of the shoot, Bella from Missbeez – a new on-demand beauty app which provides services for nails, hair removal, lashes, make-up, spray tan and hair treatments – came over to my house to get me glam for the shoot. Catering to the busy woman, the app aims to bring beauty professionals right to your door, facilitating the whole process, and doing a great job! We went for a light smoky eye, contouring and a blow dry and I loved the finished look.

Check out GoldieRox.com here

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