Highlights Of The Month: November 2016

From shooting a super exciting project with one of my best friends for Nike to hosting a freelance Christmas dinner at ASK Italian and more, read on for November’s highlights…

1. Bonfire night at Alexandra Palace with Sorel

I think the last time I went to watch the fireworks on Bonfire Night was some 20 years ago (I can’t believe I’m old enough to say that and still kinda remember what I’m talking about) when I was still a kid and staring slack-jawed and wide-eyed at the seemingly magical explosions of light colouring the night sky. Fast forward to this month and I found myself just as slack-jawed, just as wide-eyed at Alexandra Palace’s infamous display.

The good peeps over at Sorel Footwear – the creators behind one of my favourite footwear selections of the year, the Medina III boot which is potentially the most comfortable thing I’ve ever come across in my life! (Check out how I styled them while at Paris Fashion Week here) – invited me to join them for the display and I had such a good time!


2. Changing Room Selfies

You know when  you can’t believe that what you’re doing is considered work? I get that a lot. This month, I popped in to Topshop for The Debrief’s Changing Room Selfies. Basically, I chose a bunch of party dresses I would totally wear, tried them on in the changing room and took selfies. Basically what I do for fun, except it was work. Amazing.

Check out the piece here.


3. Hosting a freelance Christmas at ASK Italian

As a self-employed person, I often (Read: always) get left out of the office festivities when it comes to Christmas time. So when ASK Italian invited me down to host a dinner at their new look restaurant and try out the new Super Festivo Christmas menu I was, needless to say, totally down. I invited along some of my favourite self-employed creative girl bosses for a #FreelanceChristmas of sorts, and we had such a good time!

Read all about it here.


4. Cointreau #1Orange1Tree

I love me some Cointreau. The liquer brand recently launched new initiative 1Orange1Tree which promises to plant a tree in Senegal for every time a photo is uploaded to social media using the hashtag. Every single entry will result in a tree being planted and will directly benefit the Senegalese economy and community.  Such a great cause! The likes of Naomi Campbell, Eva Longoria and Cindy Crawford have taken part. Rox and I popped in to Liberty’s interactive window for the launch and to show our support.


5. ATP World Tour Finals with Lacoste

Lacoste, official sponsors of the ATP invited me down to watch the World tour finals with Andy Murray at the 02. Best seats in the house and, as always, Lacoste’s awesome hospitality made for a wonder of an evening. Yeaaaah and Andy Murray won, sealing his position as the world’s number one.


6. Katie Price and Alain de Botton at the School Of Life

Katie Price and Alain de Botton are an unlikely pairing. I’ve often waxed lyrical about just how freaking much I love Alain de Botton and the way his brain works, and his books ‘Essays On Love’ and ‘The Course Of Love’ are potentially two of my favourite books of all time. So when it was announced that Alain would be having a chat with Katie Price aka Jordan on The School Of Life stage I was, suffice to say, quite a bit intrigued. I went along to the talk with my mum, and it was an illuminating evening, although no where near as good, interesting or any number of other positive adjectives as Alain’s / The School Of Life’s other offerings.

Read my piece on the things I learnt about love from Alain De Botton here.


7. A Talk With YouTube’s Head Of Culture And Trends

Life is all about learning and growth. As such, I love to put myself in positions to maximise that potential, so when I was invited along to a talk by the head of culture and trends at YouTube – Kevin Allocca – I jumped at the opportunity. Speaking alongside some of the UK’s top YouTube trendsetters, the morning proved supremely educational. I picked up some gems of advice, including the fact that these days, “Content is often shared not because of what the content says, but because of what it says about the person sharing it.”

8. Shooting for Nike #BeautifulPower

Ahh I’m still getting my head around this one. One of my best friend’s – Julie aka Frenchionista – and I, were recently asked by Nike to take part in their #BeautifulPower campaign alongside some seriously awesome ambassadors the likes of Izabel Goulart, Zara Larsson and Clotilde Claumet. My blog post will be going live next week, I can’t wait to share the images and our take on Beautiful Power.


9. Interviewing Baddie Winkle

Baddie Winkle is potentially the coolest 88-year-old in the world. The great-grandmother has 2.5 million followers on Instagram, personal style by the bucket load AND she’s Missguided’s new campaign star. Decked in colours, patterns, sequins and crowns galore, the octogenarian inspires everyone – young and old – to do and wear and say and be whatever the f*** they want. Yup, fashion (and life!) is supposed to be FUN and Baddie encapsulates that better than anyone. I interviewed her ahead of the launch of Missguided’s first ever IRL store for The Debrief.

Read my interview with Baddie Winkle here.


10. Shooting in Egypt

I love being in front of the camera. While in Egypt for a few days this month I teamed up with gorgeous Egyptian model Salma Abu-Deif and photographer Aisha Al-Shabrawy for a twinning shoot of sorts. Styled in vintage clothes from my grandmother’s wardrobe and shot in my house in Cairo, it was potentially one of my favourite shoots to date. I’d previously worked with Aisha on a shoot in Cairo’s market Khan-El-Khalili. The pictures are turning out absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait to share!

Check out my first ever Cairo shoot here.



I tried on all the best party dresses in Topshop so you don’t have to… 

Everyone’s favourite grandma Baddie Winkle talks getting on the naughty list and doing what you love

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Hosting a freelance Christmas at ASK Italian

My friends don’t ask me how I am anymore because they think they see everything on social media

I also featured alongside some ‘Instagram Stars’ in The Debrief’s piece on the shot before the perfect Instagram shot 

Bits I’ve Enjoyed Reading:

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I also read Amy Schumer’s ‘The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo’ which I absolutely loved! With her candid way of telling things how they are, complete with humour and DGAF attitude, it was a brilliant and inspiring read.


I recently launched a shop section on via RewardStyle. In the spirit of all things highlights, I thought I’d include a new section to my monthly post. This month, this gorgeous velvet crinkled jumpsuit from Topshop was the most popular purchase. I’ve rounded up some more velvet jumpsuits below… There are quite a few on sale so get in there quick! Click through to shop.

[show_boutique_widget id=”509583″]

Literally can’t believe we’ve just embarked on the last month of 2016! I’ll be rounding up the highlights of the year come end of December on I’ll also be writing a list of goals for 2017, although I prefer to keep my goals private… I find there’s less motivation to actually get them done when you get the validation for even thinking them up in the first place. Do you guys like to put goal to paper?

May your last month of 2016 be filled with highlights xxx 

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