How To Wear Head To Toe Pink Without Looking Like A Child

Millenial pink is having quiiiite a moment. I’m not sure why it’s called that; maybe because us millenials have taken it far beyond Mean Girls’ “On Wednesday’s we wear pink” rules and have basically incorporated it into as very many outfits and accompanying OOTD’s as we possibly can? But here we are. No sign of an end to the millenial pink and I for one am very happy about it.

In testament, Nike just launched an entire collection in millenial pink. I’m not particularly a girlie girl, ie he kind of girl you’d stereotypically picture swathing herself in shades of bubblegum, but there’s something about millenial pink that doesn’t feel very… well, pink, for lack of a better word. It’s cool, it’s easy to toughen up (as I do here with an oversized hoodie and vinyl boots) and you can wear it basically anywhere, anytime. I’d kinda like to think I borrowed some inspo from Rihanna’s ridiculously badass outfit for her VMA’s performance last summer buuut that’s probably more wishful thinking.

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The Debrief recently did a piece on How to wear head-to-toe pink without looking like a 5-year-old, and incorporated this look I shared on my Instagram a while back. I somehow managed to forget to post on here but better late than never I think, plus I still wear this look and variations of it all the time.

Pink Oversized Hoodie

This hoodie is probably the epitome of making pink cool. Drifter‘s SS17 collection is all oversized and slouchy and this pink hoodie is one of my fave pieces. No longer ever-present solely in the scare-mongering newspaper headlines, I’ve been wearing hoodies for years and I’m glad that they, along with trainers and the rest of athleisure, are finally regarded as the awesome items that they are.

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Pink Waven Jeans

I have been so obsessed with these Waven pink mom jeans ever since I first came across them on ASOS and I’ve since worn them with all sorts of things; mostly tucked in to logo tees and my adidas superstars. I love how versatile they are though and here I paired them with the aforementioned oversized pink hoodie, a pair of nude vinyl boots and some statement earrings from Egyptian designer Jude Benhalim (more on those later).

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Denim is potentially the most staple item of clothing ever invented and the scandi-inspired British denim brand have done a very good job of creating some really dope pieces.

Check out my pick of some of the best Waven pieces below… 

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Vinyl Boots

There potentially isn’t a more versatile shoe than a nude sock boot. When I first bought them from River Island I wasn’t quiiite sure what I was going to do with them but I knew I needed to have them. I quickly realised I could wear them with basically anything from short to long skirts, jeans, trousers and etc.

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From Yeezy to Vetements, some of the coolest brands have been dropping sock boots. Beyonce wore a particularly bedazzled pair court side as only really, Beyonce can do. There’s even a tutorial for how to DIY your own pair of sock boots but, if you’re lazy like me, there are loads you can buy for pretty affordable prices. These vinyl, nude sock boots I wear here from River Island were less than £50!

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Jude Benhalim is one of the coolest brands to have come out of Egypt. I recently shot some cool looks wearing her pieces in the desert in Cairo, check it out here. She’s got some seriously dope statement pieces, including these structural wonders I wear here. One of my best friends’ Goldie Rox also has some seriously dope statement pieces, check out her work here.

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All photos by Moeez Ali

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