Red Turtlenecks & Knitted Frills

I’m having quite a love affair with bold colours at the moment. Some ten years or so ago, a ‘normal’ look for me would consist of head-to-toe colour, bright top matched perfectly with the bright trainers which adorned my feet every single day without fail. As I grew up a bit older, black, beige and etc creepingly replaced much of the colour in my wardrobe, without me even really noticing. But as with everything else, fashion comes in swings and round-a-bouts and for the last few seasons bright colours, namely pink, red and yellow have come gallivanting back in, and I for one am very happy about it.

red Mooro - Southbank - Outfit 4 - Final Edits 56 of 128

red Mooro - Southbank - Outfit 4 - Final Edits 81 of 128

Red Raven

This red turtleneck has been one of my staple pieces this past season. I love a trusty roll neck to help fight off the elements, and this bright red one has more than earned its stripes, doubling up under blazers, with jeans, tucked into pencil skirts (as here) and more. The Cut recently hailed red turtlenecks and braids a perfect pairing, and the look really is fab. The bright top lends tons of fashion credence, and allows for being dressed up or down or whichever which way. As of late, the top to toe red look is being rocked from the catwalk to the street and beyond. It’s definitely one I’m keen to try out sooner rather than later, I’ve even got the perfect pair of flared red trousers to boot!

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red Mooro - Southbank - Outfit 4 - Final Edits 128 of 128

red Mooro - Southbank - Outfit 4 - Final Edits 63 of 128

Knit & Ruffle

I may well have said this a few times, but one of my absolute favourite things about personal style is how one item can be worn a myriad of different ways. This Sibling skirt is one I picked up at an awesome bargain, and one that I instantly shied away from in fear of how to rock it. A couple of years ago I was invited along to a Cointreau event in Paris, and paired it with a tucked in white shirt (with a popped up collar, obvi!), some gold accessories and Sophia Webster heels that matched sooo perfectly it was like they were created on purpose. I was snapped by the awesome photographer Facehunter, check out the look on his website here. My second pairing of the skirt, as pictured here, was a little more brave, and saw me pair it with a red turtleneck and blue suede booties with a metallic heel.  The brand unfortunately very recently confirmed their closure which is super sad because I’ve long loved their offerings. This skirt gives a subtle nod to the knit / ruffles trend.

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red Mooro - Southbank - Outfit 4 - Final Edits 68 of 128

red Mooro - Southbank - Outfit 4 - Final Edits 76 of 128

Metallic Booties

As a human who hates heels (does anyone *actually* like them!?), I’m always in search of a comfortable alternative. This year I’ve been uber grateful for the block heel, ankle boot trend and have amassed a pretty startling collection, from these ridiculously gorgeous gold Balenciaga boots to these River Island suede booties (pictured). With a slouchy feel to them they’re super comfortable and I’ve often styled them down with jeans, or, as here, with a skirt. I love the metallic heels on these as they give a little burst of unexpected flavour.

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What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!

red Mooro - Southbank - Outfit 4 - Final Edits 43 of 128

All photos by Moeez Ali

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