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Highlights Of The Month: August 2016

I spent the majority of August in my homeland of Egypt and I had the most incredible time switching off and spending time with friends and family and on Egypt’s incredible beaches. Most people don’t believe it when they see pictures of Egypt’s unreal blue sea and white, sandy beaches,thinking the photo was taken in

Highlights Of The Month: July 2016

It feels a bit ridiculous to start another post with “OMG I can’t believe it’s ” because the passage of time is basically the only constant. So instead I’ll start this post touching on a new milestone I recently reached: 10 thousand followers on Instagram (!)

Highlights Of The Month: June 2016

Sooo June is my birthday month! It’s weird because usually I make a huge deal out of my birthday and start planning it from like… January, but this year I didn’t really care which actually, surprise surprise, made it even better. I spent the day with my family before having an all girls dinner consisting