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Highlights Of The Month: March 2017

Could I possibly gush anymore about LA than I have already? I guess we are about to see, haha! I spent the first half of March rounding off my six week trip to Los Angeles, and I loooovedddd ittttt. From the last bits of LA including trying out Barry’s Boot Camp (OMG!), celebrating YG’s birthday with an intimate party at his house to coming back home to London and all that came with it, read on for March’s highlights…

Barry’s Boot Camp

You basically have to be pretty masochistic to try out Barry’s Boot Camp. I had heard the horror stories and I had seen the sweaty post-torture selfies, but I *still* don’t think I was fully prepared for what I was set to experience when my “friend” Rachael dragged me to a Barry’s Boot Camp session early on a sunny LA morning. Have you ever arrived at the gym only to have to *literally* sign your life away? Yeah, you actually have to fill something out saying that if you die it’s your responsibility and that you’ve been informed of the severity of the workout. Ohhhmygod.

And so it was with trepidation I took my spot on the treadmill in the darkened room. Fast forward 60 minutes and quite a few looks of sheer panic and / or hatred in the direction of my so-called friend (lol love you really!) and I exited the class on the best high of my entire life. I SURVIVED! And the endorphins racing through my body and painting a ridiculously large smile on my face stuck around for the entirety of the day to prove it. Okay so I couldn’t walk for 3 days after, and I’ve yet to return, but for those 60 minutes, it was well worth it.


YG’s Birthday Party

I was invited down to celebrate YG’s birthday at a private party held at his house. Um, I’m not sure how to say that without it sounding humble-braggalicious. I went down with my friends Nefera and Nat and we had such a good time socialising, dancing and munching on the incredible food his mum had spent the past 24 hours cooking. What with the blunts, the basketball court in action and the piles and piles of fried chicken I felt like I was in the most epic music video ever. Thanksss YG for having us.


Pool Days at The Roosevelt Hotel

I was pretty proud of myself that I managed to actually be super strict with myself while in LA and I stuck to a work-schedule that saw me sitting at my laptop for the entirety of every week day. I took the last few days of my trip off and spent them lounging by the pool at The Roosevelt Hotel. One of the most famous hotels in Hollywood, The Roosevelt features a seriously gorgeous outdoor pool, framed by towering palm trees.

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Getting published in the New York Post

It’s always and still super exciting to see my name on a byline, and even more so when it’s for a new publication I haven’t written for before. This month, I had my first byline on The New York Post (!), in a piece where I ask whether we have officially reached the death of the phone number. Indeed these days, when we meet someone, we’re much more likely to swap social media info than we are phone numbers. I looked into this and the impact it may have on how we get to know one another. Have a read here.

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Back To London

Aaaaaand back to London I went. Post balling my eyes out on the plane (I actually cried. WTF.) it was actually really nice to get back to my hometown and catch up with all my friends and family. London this month has had some pretty cool things to offer, too…

Trey Songz Album Listening Party

Ahead of the release of his latest album ‘Tremaine‘, Trey Songz took to the stage at Google HQ alongside Maya Jama for a listening party and exclusive Q&A. ‘Playboy’ quickly became my favourite of the album, and I went home and promptly streamed it 10000 times on repeat. Glamour Magazine conducted a good interview with Trey on the night, have a read here.

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6lack Show

6lack is my current favourite artist. I don’t fall often but when I do I fall hard, and I fall obsessively. Since discovering album ‘Free 6lack’ a few months ago, I’ve been listening to not much else, and so I was ridiculously excited when I learned that 6lack would be taking to the stage in London. It’s been a long time since I last saw such a long queue outside a venue for an artist that’s anyone other than say… Drake. London’s crowd is generally pretty bouji and stoosh, but we changed the rules for 6lack, eyes cast up in wonder, karaoke style singing back word for absolute word. Complex recently called him a “budding superstar” and I think anyone would be hard pressed to disagree. Jump on the bandwagon before it gets full, I’d say.

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Cointreau x Royal Opera House Ballet

I love Cointreau, from what they stand for to their products and the people / events / causes they associate themselves with, everything is done with class and perfection. This month, they teamed up with The Royal Opera House to give friends of the brand an exclusive look at the rehearsal process behind new ballet ‘Jewels’, in celebration of new Cointreau Blood Orange. It was a gorgeous evening and actually inspired me to buy tickets to the full ballet, which I’ll be attending this evening!

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From Selfie To Self-Expression Press Preview

This generation has been given a lot of stick for our supposed narcissism. Okay so I’m not gonna pretend like we’re not vain the slightest, BUT we’re *definitely* not the first, nor will we be the last. New exhibition From Selfie To Self-Expression, opening this week (??) at the Saatchi Gallery certainly went a long way to demonstrating that. From early renditions of self-portraits drawn onto cave walls to self-portraits by the likes of Van Gogh, culminating with Queen of the Selfie Kim Kardashian, the exhibition touched on all and showcased some of the world’s most inventive selfies. Highly recommend a visit. Read the Standard’s review of the exhibition here.

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37 Of The Most Heartbreakingly Beautiful Lines In Literature

I also read ‘Becoming’ by my friend Laura Jane Williams (we met while shooting this #GirlVSCancer post). Bias aside, I absolutely loved loved loved this book and highly recommend. Essentially a heartbreak memoir, the book sees 30 something year old blogger Laura go from heartbroken and pretty fucking lost, to finding some semblance of herself, with all the mistakes, mishaps and lessons that come on the way. “No one is really fucking up like they think they are” is one of the taglines of the book, and one I can wholeheartedly get on board with. Check out Laura’s website here.

I also read Glennon Doyle Melton’s ‘Love Warrior’ which quickly became one of my favourite books of all time. One of the picks from Oprah’s book club, ‘Love Warrior’ is also somewhat of a heartbreak memoir (I swear I’m not actually heartbroken currently, but I do believe the biggest transformations and some of the most exciting times of our lives are immediately after a break up.) I have this new habit of underlining phrases and extracts in books when they really speak to me. It took quite a lot for me to not underline basically the entirety of this book. It’s one of those books that gives you epiphany after epiphany, and is written in the most beautiful of ways. Read it. Check out Bustle’s interview with Glennon here, too.

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May all your months be filled with highlights xxx

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